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DeutschTutor offers you German language training at the highest professional level. Our training is available conveniently from any place with internet access. Learn at home, while travelling or at work – just as you like. Our “Virtual Classroom” is always where you are! We offer online German courses for all language levels from A1 to C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The tuition is held in private lessons and customized to your individual needs. We support you with LearningCoaching during the entire course in order to help you achieve your learning targets most effective and safely.

Training Program

Customized German Classes

Our German classes are 100% customized to you and your needs. No matter for what purpose you want to learn German – we will “tailor” the most effective course to meet your objectives.

Learning Online

How it works
In our virtual classroom you learn German comfortably from any place with internet access. Live with your private German tutor and the latest eLearning technology.


Learn more effective

Our LearningCoaching techniques help you learn more effective and motivated. Thus you will achieve your goals faster and memorize aquired knowledge more persistent.

Prices & Conditions

Professional Quality – Fair Prices
All DeutschTutor classes meet highest professional standards. Thanks to our efficient organizational structures we can offer this level of quality at fair and competitive conditions.

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How good is your German? For a first orientation try our free placement selftest! Want to know exactly where you are standing? Then we are ready to test you under professional conditions.

Online German Classes – easy and convenient!


There is hardly a way to learn German in more relaxing, flexible and effective: with DeutschTutor you decide yourself when, where and to what extend you want to learn. Other than with conventional language schools there is no need to leave your house, search for a parking space or follow fixed timetables. All lessons are scheduled to your convenience. Other than with group classes there is no need to consider the needs of other participants. The course is all about you! Not only the course contents are tailored to your needs, but also the way of teaching. Your learning type, your learning behaviour and your personal interests strongly influence the design of our lessons. And as learning is the easiest when you are motivated in in a good mood, having fun is also an important part of our tuition!

Why Deutschtutor?

I have founded the DeutschTutor online language school to offer a contemporary high-grade alternative to persons who want to learn German fast and effective, but to whom a conventional tuition is not the right solution.

What distinguishes us are our high level of professionalism (only certified teachers, state-of-the-art eLearning-technology, latest and best teaching materials etc.) and our intense coaching helping you to achieve your targets faster and more effective.
Furthermore it is most important to us to get to know you as a person in order to design the tuition most exciting, entertaining and motivating for you.

For this we give everything – that I can guarantee!

Réka Licht, DeutschTutor

Réka Licht - DeutschTutor Gründerin

What do you need?

To learn with DeutschTutor you don´t need much:

  • a PC, laptop oder tablet computer
  • access to the internet
  • a webcam
  • a headset

There is no special software required!