Prices & Conditions

The price for private DeutschTutor-tuition is

  • from 65,- Euro* per lesson (45 min.) / Mon-Fri 8 am to 6 pm (CET)
  • from 72,- Euro* per lesson (45 min) / Sat-Sun 9 am to 6 pm and Mon-Fri 6 pm to 9 pm (CET)

.*) price per lesson may increase depending on language level and individual requirements


This includes the following services:

  • Complimentary placement test Prior to course
  • Development of customized Curriculum adjusted to individual preconditions and objectives
  • State-of-the-art teaching materials plus preparation of individual, tailor-made materials
  • Intense preparation and thorough analysis of every single lesson
  • Documentation of learning progress
  • Ongoing consultation and coaching during the entire course
  • Usage of modern, interactive eLearning platform (virtual classroom)
  • Personal webspace (“CoachingZone”) for homework, learning calendar, complementing materials etc.
  • Use of the learning software (also via App) with interactive exercises and games, precisely adapted to the course plan and current progress
  • Final examination and certificate confirming participation and accomplished learning progress


Tax Exemption

As officially recognized vocational school our services are excempted from VAT according to § 4 Nr. 21 UStG. Thus our services are tax-free.


Exam Preparation Courses

  • The prices for examination preparation courses are identical to language courses.
  • The price is 60,- €/lesson


Trial Examinations

Included services

  • 2-4 hour written examination (depending on language level)
  • 15-30 minute oral examination
  • Detailled evaluation and personal consultation


  • Language level A1-2 / € 100,-
  • Language level B1 / € 120,-
  • Language level B2 / € 160,-
  • Language level C1 / € 180,-
  • Language Level C2 / € 200,-


Examination Coordination

  • Individual offer on request

Proof Reading and Optimisation of Your Application Documents

  • Proof reading of your letter of application and/or CV in German language with regard to orthography and expression.
  • Correction of mistakes and preparation of proposals for more suitable expressions.
  • Price: 60,-€ / page (= standard page A4 with up to 1.650 characters including blanks)
  • Optional: plus 30 minutes personal consultation / € 50,-


Preparation of Individual Application

  • Preparation of application letter and CV in German language based on your input and documents (job description, certificates, original CV etc.)
  • Comprehensive personal consultation including tipps and recommendations to be considered with applications in DACH countries (2 x 1 hour before and after preparation of documents)
  • Price: € 249,-
  • Note: in case of considerable extra work (e.g. for translations) additional cost may occur.



  • Analysis of applicants profile and profile of requested position / preparation of interview (basis = application, CV, job description, search profile)
  • Simulation of a realistic interview situation / duration = appr. 1,5 hrs
  • Detailled analysis and recommendations for a optimised self-presentation / duration = appr. 1 hr
  • Joint elaboration of an oral self-presentation and of useful wordings for the job interview / duration = appr. 1 hr
  • Price = € 295,-
  • Note:  in case of considerable extra work (e.g. for translations) additional cost may occur. 

The following terms apply to all DeutschTutor services:


  • fees for DetschTutor tuition always need to be paid in advance to the tuition
  • all fees are VAT-free according to §4 No. 21 UStG
  • the fees for a DeutschTutor course may alternatively be paid fully in advance or in monthly installments
  • in case that lessons need to be cancelled due to technical reasons or due to the fault of deutschTutor these lessons will be repeated free of charge
  • in case lessons need to be cancelled due to the fault of the participant or if lessons are not cancelled by the participant at least 24 hours in advance, the cost for these lessons will be charged to the participant


For detailled information about our terms of payment and other regulations please ask for a copy of our Terms and Conditions.