Learning Coaching

Learning Coaching

Learn better with LearnCoaching

With our LearnCoaching we help you learn faster, more effective and with higher motivation – not only the German language!

What is LearnCoaching?

The term “coach” we all know from sports. And as the coach helps the athlet to exploit his full potential LearnCoaching is all about helping the learners exploit their learning potential to the max.

LernCoaching trains and improves the “learning competence” – the ability to absorb learning contents, save them permanently and to access and apply them anytime needed. For this purpose we teach you learning techniques, methods of learning organisation and other useful things.

LearnCoaching helps overcome learning barriers and to learn with more fun and motivation. It also helps identify individual learning preferences and abilities which help us optimize our teaching methods in accordance with your learning profile.

Our Lerncoaching will continue throughout the whole course to help you learn German more effective, more motivated and more sustainable.


Teacher Workshops

LearnCoaching Workshops for Teachers

LearnCoaching provides excellent opportunities for teachers to help students improve their learning success. This is true for all teaching subjects and for young learners as well as for adults.

In workshops I provide my knowledge as certified learning coach to interested teachers.

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