Learn German Online

The Virtual Classroom – the Dream of Learning From Anywhere!

May we introduce: our “Virtual Classroom”:


  • Here you can enjoy your German language course online from any place with access to the internet – live and with the latest interactive eLearning technology.
  • Learn convenient from your home, while travelling, at work or any other place of your choice.
  • Via live image transmission you have „eye contact“ with your teacher at any time.
  • On the virtual whiteboard – a moden version of the good old chalkboard – you learn interactive with digital teaching book contents, pictures, videos, audiofiles and more.
  • Each lesson can be recorded, so that you can repeat relevant parts of them as often as you like.
  • Compared to conventional tuition learning in our virtual eLearning environment is more diversified, more exciting and more fun. And most important: it is more effective!
How Does the Virtual Classroom work?
  • You receive the access data and a code leading you directly to the DeutschTutor classroom.
  • You will not need any software or downloads.
  • At the agreed date you enter the classroom where you will be awaited by your tutor.
  • You enjoy your interactive lesson – e.g. watching a video, writing on the whiteboard, making a presentation…
  • At the end you log out – done.
  • Later you may want to visit your personal DeutschTutor CoachingZone. A webspace created just for you. There you will find an overview of your completed lessons, your achieved learning progress as well as homework, recommended books, websites etc. around the subject of “learning German”.
What Equipment Do You Need?
  • a PC, laptop or tablet with internet access, word processing as well as video and audio functions
  • ideal – if not mandatory – is the option to access the web via LAN cable
  • a webcam
  • a headset with USB connector
What personal prerequisites should you bring along?
  • The will to save yourself a time slot for this way of learning in your daily life
  • Reliability in doing your necessary homework and excercises
  • An open mind and curiosity for learning in a virtual environment