About DeutschTutor

The first DeutschTutor website

DeutschTutor is an online language school that specialises on teaching German as a foreign language. The mission of DeutschTutor is to offer German learners a new improved alternative to traditional language tuition utilizing innovative state-of-the-art teaching methods and technologies. For this purpose we merge latest eLearning-technology with individualized private tuition and learning coaching methods to a kind of language tuition which is more effective and adopts better to individual needs.


I have founded DeutschTutor in 2013 with the support of competent partners who provide me with digital teaching materials, a powerful eLearning-platform and other helpful contributions. Since then DeutschTutor has enjoyed a very gratifying development: the umber of German learners who use our services increases consistently and we are very happy to receive a lot of positive feedback from our clients. As far as possible I supervise and teach all students myself. In addition I am supported by a network of experienced language teachers with “DaF” certification and in-depth knowledge of the DeutschTutor teaching methods.


Réka Licht

Founder of DeutschTutor

About myself

I am Réka Licht. Since more than 20 years I have a passion for helping others to learn the German language. As a language teacher, as a developer of language tests, as examiner and as instructor for other examiners around the world. And meanwhile also as a online teacher and learning coach. Here are a few facts about myself.



My Education

1997 – 2003 Study of German Philology / Universities of Budapest and Salzburg

  • M. A. of German Literature and Linguistics
  • M. A. of German Philology with Teacher´s Degree

2014 Training and Development Center of the Bavarian Employer´s Association (bfz) / Nuremberg

  • eTeacher / Tele-Lecturer

2017 MindSystems Institute / Munich

  • Certified Learning Coach

My Professional Career

2000 – 2010 Budapest, Hungary

  • Freelance translator, interpreter and language teacher

2010 – 2013 Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD)

  • Research Associate
  • Development of B2-language tests, global examination supervision and examiner training
  • ÖSD representative and speaker at internationalen language fairs and conferences

since 2013 Graz / Wiesbaden

  • Founder / owner of DeutschTutor – Private Online School for German Language

“On the road” on behalf of the German language